Indonesia Arabica/Robusta Coffee

Grade: 1
Certification: Organic Indonesia
Processing Method: Raw
Sale price$100.00


Grown in the land rich with volcanic soil, soaring heights, and natural old-growth forests, Indonesia offers highly prized coffee beans. The country provides the ideal growing environment for coffee beans known for bold characteristics, full-bodied, dark chocolate notes, warm flavors, spices, earthy tones, and exotic aroma. As a result, experienced coffee drinkers most highly regard Indonesian coffee beans.

Known as the world's largest Robusta exporter, Indonesia also produces specialty coffees with 20 internationally recognized Arabica beans varieties, such as Sumatera, Java, Sulawesi, Bali, and Flores. Indonesia specialty coffees attain high quality and unique taste because they are produced primarily through traditional farming methods of manual harvesting and screening.

- Sumatera Coffee is some of the world's finest premium gourmet coffees distinguished by their full-body, more earthy than Java Arabica, and low in acidity.

- Sulawesi Coffee has a cleaner and smoother finish with low acidity and creamy texture. And its aroma is nutty and chocolaty, while the flavor notes fruit, dark chocolate, and spices.

- Bali coffee is the first Indonesian local coffee to obtain “geographic indication” certification.

- Flores Coffee is known as a rich coffee with a thick body, mild acidity, woody fragrance, and cocoa flavor


Variety  Robusta
Moisture 12%
Organic Non-organic
Packaging Type Jute Bag
Cultivation Type Manual

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