Whole Nutmeg

Variety: Siau
Grade: ABCD
Certification: HACCP
Sale price$7.50


Indonesia is one of the leading producers and exporters of spices. So when it comes to nutmegs, it is no surprise that Indonesia is the top exporting country, accounting for more than 50% of the global export value and volume. Indonesian nutmegs are mainly exported to Asian markets such as China, Vietnam, and Japan, but they are also exported in large quantities to European markets such as Germany and the Netherlands.

Indonesian nutmeg has a stronger taste in comparison to Guatemalan and Indian nutmeg because of the ideal Mediterranean-like climate. Siau Nutmeg, the one produced in Maluku and Sulawesi is often considered to be the best-quality nutmeg in the global market. Indonesia nutmeg is one of the classic spices used in many flavorings, culinary, perfumery applications, Indonesia is the biggest supplier in the world and particularly the nutmegs from Sumatra and Siau (Sulawesi) are of high quality, continuous supply, and very sustainable due to constant demands. Tridge's suppliers;' nutmeg is well-known for its quality, distinctive aroma, and the fact that it is aflatoxin-free. Since nutmegs can be stored for more than 6 months without compromising their quality, Indonesian nutmegs are available year-round.


Form & Cut Whole, Split
Color Light Brown
Packaging Type Vacuum Pack with Food Grade Plastic
Size per Pack 10 kg/pack
Processing Method Sun-Drying
Cultivation Type Conventional, Hand-Picked

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