Indonesia Instant Coffee

Grade: 1
Flavor: Nutty Almond
Processing Method: Spray Dry
Sale price$100.00


The products are produced at the manufacturing facilities with the latest and most sophisticated roasters, grinders, centrifuges, pulverizes and can packing system, imported from very best manufactures, which ensures the very best in the soluble coffee market space. The products are untouched throughout the entire production process till it gets packed into the final form - bulk or retail and with a guarantee of being a quality, clean and safe product.

Each and every unit of the product conform to the stringent international standards set forth by global bodies such as the ISO and the FDA. Additionally, the products are manufactured and processed at the facilities which follow GMP(Good

100% pure spray dried coffee variety is prepared from the finest and carefully selected coffee beans with optimum degree of roast for finest flavour and taste.
100% pure agglomerated coffee is prepared from spray dried coffee with the process of adding steam and water further converted to granulated form.
100% pure freeze-dried coffee, the coffee extract is frozen to about – 40°C and cut into granules.

The rest of customized blend of Arabica/Robusta come as per customers’ requirements


Moisture 11%
Organic Non-organic
Packaging Type 22kg Cardboard Box/Bulk Pack
Cultivation Type Manual

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